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Manicure and Pedicure

Care for caring hands. You deserve it!


Fingernail Soak 

7.0 oz $14.99

Soaking your hands in Adiva House's Herbal Finger Nail Soak not only softens nails and cuticles before a manicure but also strengthens and conditions them. 

Fingernail Soak

Soak for at least 5 to 10 mins before cleaning and trimming nails and cuticles.

Blend of Salts, Horsetail Extract, Lavender, Rosemary, Tea Tree oil, Vit E, Calendula Flowers, Sage, Red Rose Petals.


Hand  Scrub        

7.0 oz   $14.99

A good sugar/salt scrub is just the right thing to follow a soak.  Our special Hand Scrub provides you with the right amount of scrubby exfoliant to gently but effectively get rid of dry scaly skin to reveal smooth, younger looking hands  you would love to show off

Hand Scrub

STEP 3  

Nail &  cuticle  oil        

1.0 oz     $14.99

Made with Horsetail Extract    

Banish those raggedy and painful cuticles and hang nails with Adiva House Herbal Nail and Cuticle Oil. It is a must for healthier, stronger nails and cuticles.

Nail Oil

Massage  a drop around  fingernail  or toenail. Use anytime during the day but especially at night before bed  to wake up to healthy looking nails and cuticles


Shea Butter Hydrating Hand & Body lotion

4.0 oz $9.99

1.0 oz  Sampler $3.99

Adiva House hydrating lotion is just what you need to drench your skin with moisture and emollientsto banish rough and scaly skin. Unlike other commercially made  lotions that smoother skin cells Adiva House Hydrating Lotion is made so your skin can breathe.

Hydrating Lotion

Use anytime skin needs moisturizing

A Total Package   Manicure Kit  $45.00       


Pedicure  put the spring back in your step ! 


Foot Soak

8.0 oz  $14.99

Foot Soak

Soak those tired feet in a tub of warm water with our revitalizing foot soak to recharge and revive tired muscles.  

Foot Scrub   

5.3 oz   $14.99

Foot Scrub

Exfoliating Peppermint Foot Scrub

Made with luxurious oils and the right amount of exfoliator for baby smooth skin!

Moisturizing Lotion

4.0 oz  $9.99


Peppermint moisturizing lotion. 

Peppermint is great for reviving tired muscles.  Loaded with beneficial extracts   

Deodorizing  Powder

6.0 oz  $9.99

Dusting Powder

Total Foot Pampering Kit   $45.99


4.0 oz peppermint foot soak
5.3 oz peppermint foot scrub
4.0 oz hydrating foot lotion
Pumice brush
Cool flip flops
Tote basket
Relaxation CD

Customer Testimonial

Love how my feet look and feel after I used your Total Foot Pampering kit! My heals are smooth not cracked and dry anymore. Excellent product -Cathy

Since our hands and feet experience the most wear and tear both environmentally, and physically they demand a more rigorous regimen of care than any other part of the body. With that in mind Adiva House has formulated it's hand and foot care product line with both cosmetic and feel good appeal.   As always, there are no chemicals in our product line so feel free to look and feel good all the time. 

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