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At ADIVA HOUSE, INC, we believe in providing the best natural skin care products made with the finest herb and plant extracts for all your skin care needs. We strive to bring you the most potent natural skin care products at a price you can afford. We partner with you to improve the look and feel of your skin. Improving your skin while making you look and feel young is our top priority. For the individual looking for gentle but effective personal care products. We believe natural care should come from mother nature's treasure trove of herbs and plants.

The Vision

Adiva House,Inc. promises to bring  the healing,  nurturing properties of natural herbs and plants to formulate products for all your personal care needs.  The name Adiva  means  gentle and agreeable and that's what we promise to bring to you.   We promise to bring you the gentlest, and most effective products.  No harsh chemicals added.   

The Company

Adiva House,Inc. started with  time tested all natural recipes passed down from grandmother to granddaughter.   Upon constant requests of family and friends this unique combination of herbs and plants is now available to all who are in search of products that are made with all natural ingredients to bring out the natural glow in all. 


Adiva House,Inc. does not test its products on animals.  Our product safety is tested through methods that are state of the art on human volunteers.

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